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John Schoolcraft: Den dummaste idé jag nånsin sett

Månadens Idés ordförande John Schoolcraft funderar över vikten av att bryta invanda mönster för att lära sig något nytt.

Publicerad: 21 juni 2022, 09:54

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John Schoolcraft, cd på Oatly, på en veteåker.

Foto: Press.

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John SchoolcraftOatly

When I agreed to sit on this jury, I thought it would be a good change from what I spend my days doing. Some people really love sitting on juries and talking about creative work. I don’t. I like making things, not talking about things other people make. That might sound egoistic, but it’s honest and true: the non-linear process of bringing ideas to life is why I do the job I do. 

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Therefore, I thought joining this jury would force me to break my routines and do something I find uncomfortable, providing me with a different perspective and an opportunity for personal growth.

Applying this thinking, Evoko’s hot desk scheduling system is possibly the stupidest idea I have ever seen. I get booking meeting rooms, but hot desks? Isn’t the entire idea of having an open office working environment that you never sit in the same place twice? That you are forced to break up your routines, move around the office and sit next to different people in order to gain different perspective, potentially resulting in unexpected collaboration? Why would you want to kill the magic of that idea with a booking system so that you can sit in the same place every time you show up at the office? Probably because these are the times we live in.

I can’t imagine a better idea, totally in synch with these times than Desk Snatch Pre-rolls. A brilliant idea, skilfully executed to work in bespoke digital media placements for a totally unnecessary product that is totally necessary for the times we live in and which not only convinced this jury that it was worthy of top honour, but also allowed this particular jury member to temporarily break his routine of making ideas to encourage people to reduce their dependency on animal-based body fluids. Thanks for that, Desk Snatch Pre-rolls.

John Schoolcraft, ordförande i Månadens Idé och global chief creative director på Oatly

Det här är opinionsmaterial

Åsikterna som uttrycks här står skribenten/skribenterna för.

John Schoolcraft

Ämnen i artikeln:

John SchoolcraftOatly

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