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"Ett korsord? Verkligen?”

Publicerad: 19 december 2022, 14:04

John Schoolcraft, kreativ chef på Oatly om varför egna inohusebyrån ofta ligger bra till i Månadens, och hur de tänker för att vinna konsumenternas hjärtan.

Ämnen i artikeln:


This month’s winner is an idea that requires the reader of a print ad to invest 45 minutes of brain-twisting interaction without providing a clear reason, at any moment in the interaction, why the reader should ever purchase whatever product the print ad is trying to sell. Yet anyone spending 45 minutes with this ad will either turn the page feeling good about accomplishing something or merely annoyed that an oat milk company can’t just make an ad that explains why we should drink oat milk. Both of these feelings are equally important, and the willingness of a brand to accept both outcomes, in my highly subjective opinion, is rare.

There is a simple reason that an Oatly ad has a pretty decent chance of winning every time one is entered in Månadens: Oatly adheres to a simple strategy – to make stuff that no other company would ever feel comfortable making. We’ve spent the last 10 years refining a philosophy that celebrates creating ads and campaigns that have nothing to do with the last ads and campaigns we’ve made. Billboards and shelf wobblers, tiktoks and 30 second commercials that are consistently inconsistent. Stuff that ”modern” marketing experts on Reddit and LinkedIn so righteously call out as being completely wrong (which, of course, is the finest recognition of all).

”A crossword? Really? Readers don’t have time to guess what you are trying to tell them. You only have 3.2 seconds to serve them your USP. Do we have any positive data points that support any generated upside on the target ROI?”

Those words would never be used at Oatly because we don’t have a department of marketing people at Oatly focused on upsides and targets. And we definitely don’t use data to tell us what kind of ads people want to read, because we don’t think data would ever lead us to making a print ad that people have to spend 45 minutes trying to solve, and that stubbornly provides no answers whatsoever until the reader makes an effort to unlock them.

Oatly makes stuff that some people really love, and others love not so much. The only thing people usually agree on is to disagree. That’s not true in regard to this jury however, who easily agreed on this ad being the best idea at the end of this year and I, not being allowed to vote because it was an Oatly ad and I of course could in no way be objective, can unofficially agree.

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John Schoolcraft
Chief creative officer
Oatly AB

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