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Krigsdagboken: Brev till hjältar

Publicerad: 11 maj 2022, 09:21

Aleksandra Marchenko, kommunikationsstrateg på flykt från krigets Ukraina bloggar tillsammans med svenska creative directorn Carin Roeraade.

Här delar Aleksandra Marchenko och Carin Roeraade med sig av digitala brev till soldaterna på frontlinjen.

Ämnen i artikeln:


Aleksandra: One of my closest friends was a high level manager in the oil industry. On 25 of February he ended up in a trench with experienced soldiers in a real battle of Kyiv. Since then he has been living a life of a soldier {military discipline, exercises, sleep, fight} and says the drawing and pictures of his daughters and wife is what warms his heart every single day.   

Every Ukrainian now has a father, son, brother or a friend at the frontline of the war. Ukrainians launched a website ”Hello soldier!” where people can post letters, photos or drawings to show their gratitude and support to the military. The published letters live online and volunteers print them out and deliver them to the hot areas. 




Carin: We have been getting a lot of news about how the morale is so low among the Russians and so high amongst the Ukrainian. No wonder with this kind of support. 

Aleksandra: Because the other side acts from hate and Ukrainians are acting from love.

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