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Krigsdagboken: Humor och kreativitet från Ukraina – här är ett gäng exempel

Publicerad: 21 april 2022, 08:38

Aleksandra Marchenko, kommunikationsstrateg på flykt från krigets Ukraina bloggar tillsammans med svenska creative directorn Carin Roeraade.

Kriget fortsätter att rasa i Ukraina.
Men mitt i allt mörker finns mycket kreativitet och humor.
Bloggen Krigsdagboken, av svenska Carin Roeraade och ukrainska Aleksandra Marchenko, listar initiativen.

Carin: I have been amazed by the creativity and, incredibly enough, humor coming from Ukraine during this hellish time. 

I wanted to highlight a few examples: 

Russian flagship go fuck yourself

Snake island, south of Odesa, came under Russian air and sea bombardment on the first day of Russia’s war on Ukraine. When the Russians urged the Ukrainians to lay down their weapons or be attacked, a soldier and border guard called Roman Hrybov responded by radio with

”Russian warship, go fuck yourself.”

This defiant statement quickly flew over the internet and became a symbol of Ukrainian defiance. 

The phrase has since been used in several creative ways, like these: 

Billboards have been made with the phrase and matching artwork: 

Official Ukrainian stamps, here presented by Ukraines president Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The stamps are an instant hit. Ukrainians queue to be able to buy them and on Ebay they sell for over 12 000 SEK.


IT professionals in Lviv have created a game called Play for Ukraine that crowdsources cyberattacks against Russian websites. 

The game itself is simple and quite addictive to play. 

Feel like you need a pause from work? Play this for a few minutes and contribute to the Ukrainian cyber-war. 

The Brief: Prevent WW3

What can your agency do to save lives? (Honest question for Swedish ad agencies)

Can you put your amazing creative ideas to work? Rally your team around the idea of peace? Combat propaganda?

Signed by the Ukrainian creative community, this website has  ”the most important brief of your life”  – urging creatives around the world to take action against the war and against russian propaganda. 

What are you waiting for? Get over there, read the brief, and pick a task. 

No need to declare a russian tank

Images of Ukrainian farmers towing away Russian tanks with tractors, shocked and amused the world. 

Ukraine’s National Agency for the Protection against Corruption (NAPC) put out the following statement: 

”Have you captured a Russian tank or armored personnel carrier and are worried about how to declare it? Keep calm and continue to defend the motherland!” 

They also explained that there was ”no need to declare the captured Russian tanks and other equipment, because the cost of this … does not exceed 100 living wages (UAH248,100) ($8,298).”

Ukrainian Meme Forces

The oxford dictionary defines satire as: 

”the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.”

But a meme is just a funny picture, right? No big deal? 

If you joke about Putin, The Kreml, or Germany’s inability to support Ukraine – you control who gets ridiculed and who is doing the ridiculing. 

The Ukrainian Meme Forces gather and spread the best Ukrainian meme’s from twitter and reddit.  

From a Ukrainian point of view Aleksandra, where do you think this ability to still be creative and humorous in a time of war comes from?


Ukrainians gladly make fun of anything or anyone. Remember, Volodymyr Zelenskiy made his name on political satire. He openly criticized the government from the stage and the politicians who were the heroes of his performances attended the concerts and laughed at themselves. A sign of democracy and at the same time an efficient way to convey people’s pain. 

To make jokes about something or someone, be it your geographical neighboor or your mayor, is Ukrainians’ favorite. Vitaliy Klitchko, known as a boxing world champion, in Ukraine is also a champion of memes. I often think he purposefully provoked jokes and irony in his public communication as they made him closer to people and more ”likeable”.

On the information front of this war; games, memes, TikTok videos are the weapons Ukrainians use against Russian propaganda. The propaganda is based on blatant lies, however crafted smartly. Thanks to its creatives and IT talents Ukraine explain complex issues to the world in easy visual forms. Or to say it in a more professional language, produce content that quickly becomes viral.  

From a humane perspective Ukrainians are a truly love loving nation. Sense of humor and creativity are just the signs of it. A pinch of irony and a song have been a healing for those hiding from the war in their basements. And even though the history of Ukraine has been quite tragic, humorous folk art accompanied it through centuries. 

What we share now are just the digital forms of it. 

Aleksandra Marchenko
Carin Roeraade

Två kreatörer – Aleksandra Marchenko, kommunikations- och branding-strateg på flykt från kriget i Ukraina, och Carin Roeraade, creative director på Sanders Agency. I den här bloggen får ni ta del av dagboksanteckningar och vårt pågående samtal. Genom flykt och sömnlösa nätter. Om stort, smått, allvarligt och lättsamt. Hur ser en dag ut när du är på flykt? Hur bygger man ett eget bombskydd och, framför allt, ett nytt liv i ett okänt land?

Alla blogginlägg hittar du här. 

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