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Två kreatörer – Aleksandra Marchenko, Kommunikations- och Branding-strateg på flykt från kriget i Ukraina, och Carin Roeraade, Kreativ Strateg på Story Relations. I den här bloggen får ni ta del av dagboksanteckningar och vårt pågående samtal. Genom flykt och sömnlösa nätter. Om stort, smått, allvarligt och lättsamt. Hur ser en dag ut när du är på flykt? Hur bygger man ett eget bombskydd och, framför allt, ett nytt liv i ett okänt land?

Publicerad 30 juni 2022

5 ways to avoid war-washing

Carin: I’ve been hearing marketing experts mention that brands are afraid of doing any sort of campaigns or actions connected to the war in Ukraine in fear of “war-washing”. 

The debate around “washing” started with green-washing, with brands trying to seem more environmentally friendly than they actually are, and continued with all sorts of washing-problems. Like slapping a rainbow on your logo for Pride month – a classic case of pink-washing. 

Calling out virtue signaling and insincere actions from brands is important – but could it also inhibit brands from helping?

We’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to act without risk of war-washing: 

– Create space. Maybe you turn over your social media accounts, or create a blog and create digital space. Or maybe you host an event about the situation or make room for an extra desk at your office – thereby creating physical space for Ukrainians.
By creating space for people, stories, and images from Ukraine – without it being connected to a direct financial benefit for your company – you can help, share and spread the word. 

– ”Acts not ads” Do something specific using your resources in a way that helps Ukraine, without advertising it. Let your actions speak. 

Like Carlsberg, here.

The PR this gives them can’t be planned or purchased. 

– Show and celebrate Ukrainian traditions and culture – and thereby combat Russia’s efforts to erase Ukrainian culture. 

– Be specific rather than generic, and provide practical help to Ukrainians in your town rather than or along with donating money to big funds. Sometimes Ukrainian refugees don’t know how to get a personal discount or any help from the company that announces big donations to international organizations for Ukraine.  

– Read the news about Ukraine. The situation changes constantly and if not today maybe tomorrow you will see how your business can help Ukraine in a specific situation. The war is not over and Ukraine needs help to restore normal life for the people and the country. Respecting the damage of lives, infrastructure and economy, it will take years. 

The most important thing to remember is: 

Don’t take advantage of the situation for your own gain.

/Aleksandra & Carin

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