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Två kreatörer – Aleksandra Marchenko, Kommunikations- och Branding-strateg på flykt från kriget i Ukraina, och Carin Roeraade, Kreativ Strateg på Story Relations. I den här bloggen får ni ta del av dagboksanteckningar och vårt pågående samtal. Genom flykt och sömnlösa nätter. Om stort, smått, allvarligt och lättsamt. Hur ser en dag ut när du är på flykt? Hur bygger man ett eget bombskydd och, framför allt, ett nytt liv i ett okänt land?

Publicerad 2 november 2022

How the war in Ukraine changes the face of fashion

The tendency of fashion brands to show real people with wrinkles and real life more often than polished is challenged. There is a war happening in the middle of Europe and it changes the economies of all countries as well as the faces of people. I’ve been following how fashion brands reflect this transformation, and would like to share two examples of how a brand bravely speaks at the times of the war. 

Indposhiv, Ukrainian men’s bespoke studio and a brand of clothes, released the promo campaign to its Casual collection. The face of the collection is a known Ukrainian lawyer Masi Nayem. With the full scale Russian invasion he joined Ukrainian armed forces, was badly wounded at the frontline and lost his eye.   

Kateryna Vozianova, owner at Indposiv, wrote on her Facebook that she wanted to say so much on behalf of the brand that clothes were not of the first importance in this story. 

“In this campaign I wanted to show what our country, our man are going through, and how our brand has been changing”, she wrote. “Along with all the tragedies, deaths and destruction, all the pain and suffering we have started living in a country of heroes. And it’s important for me that not only Ukraine but also the whole world knows the faces of those heroes”. 

“I won’t be more handsome anyway”, wrote Masi Nayyem in his short post about the campaign on Facebook.

All photos @ Oles Kromplias and Alexander Tsygankov

The campaign was shot in Taras Shevchenko park in the center of Kyiv. Ten days after the photoshoot a Russian missile hit this place. 

Photo @ Oleksiy Korol’

On the international level Balenciaga bravely highlights the current state of the world in its latest Mud Show. Post-apocalyptic ambiance and a bit of glitter in the darkness reminds very much of Ukrainians at war and their attempt to move further and even celebrate life.

Demna Gavasalia is Georgian and knows what the war with Russia is. During the release of his collection in spring he recalled that the war made him a forever refugee and directed his show as a manifestation of support to Ukraine. In his letter to the Mud Show the designer wrote “The set of this show is a metaphor for digging for truth and being down to earth. Let us let everyone be anyone and make love not war.”  

Balenciaga makes it trendy to be dirty and gloomy the next season. When I saw the show I thought that this is exactly how Ukrainians captured now on media mainpages around the world. Fierce, in mud and blood. We are one of the most beautiful nations and made it to the headlines at the moment of severe fighting for our own existence.

All photos from Vogue

The facial expression of a woman in a pink dress reminds me very much of what me and my girl friends call “war wrinkles” – the wrinkles between eyebrows that appeared in our faces in the last eight months and don’t go away. It’s the facial expression of a person who is trying to figure out what the hell (literally) is happening here.   

Volodymyr Zelenskiy has them too.


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