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PRPS, The Progress with Purpose Summit, will empower brands by helping them to find and live by their true purpose.

The summit will inspire business leaders, marketers and change makers to grow their businesses by making them play a more meaningful role in people’s lives as well as in the society as a whole.

Inspiring speakers from the business world, academia, professional advisors and media will give their perspectives on:

• The big future movements that will re-shape consumer markets
• Bold purpose-led strategies to address a changing market
• How do you live by an engaging purpose?

Some of our speakers (will be updated regularly)

• Jan HelinProgram Director, Sveriges Television

• Anders Svensson, CEO of ICA Sverige.

• Niklas Adalberth, founder of Norrsken Foundation and one of Klarna's three founders.

• Dr. Annika Steiber, Managing Director at Berkeley Research Group and the founder and CEO of A.S. Management Insights, a firm focused on excellence in Corporate Innovation and Managment Models for the digital era.

• Hélène Barnekow, former CEO of Telia Sverige.

• Josefin Landgård, co-founder and director of growth, KRY.

• Kristian Elvefors, CEO Volvo Car Sweden, and Hanna Fager, SVP HR Volvo Car Group.

• Nicholas Sundén-Cullberg, CEO and co-founder of Lendify.

• Carol Potter, CEO at Edelman in Europe and Africa, and Lotta Onajin, CEO at Edelman Deportivo, contributes with important insights about why the confidence in major institutions in society is decreasing and what it means to brands.

• Lin Lerpold, Associate Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics.

• Johan Ekelin, Co-Founder & Partner, Lynxeye – Brand Management Consultants, and Jessica af Sandeberg, Senior Team Leader, Lynxeye.

PRPS is arranged by Lynxeye together with Resumé and Veckans Affärer. The summit is held in Stockholm on May 23, where approximately 200 attendees and 20 speakers will share their perspectives.

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  • Datum: 23 maj 2018
  • Ort: Stockholm
  • Tid: 08.30-16.30
  • Plats: Meeting Room, Alströmergatan 20
  • Pris: Early bird-pris t.o.m. 30 april - 3 495 kr exkl moms per person (ordinarie pris 4 995 kr exkl moms per person)

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