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"We are considering letting Colbert handle the account"

Publicerad: 21 juni 2012, 12:23

Foto: The Colbert Report.

The American comedian Stephen Colbert has during more than one week asked for permission to borrow the @sweden-account in Visit Swedens Grand Prix-winning project Curators of Sweden. The marketing director of Visit Sweden, Maria Ziv, think that the suggestion is tempting: – We do not close any doors for him, but the big question is if he can contribute to give a diversified picture of Sweden or not, she says.

The American comedian Stephen Colbert is focused on political satire and is host of the show The Colbert Report.

Time appointed him as one of the 100 most influential people during year 2006 – his show has become very popular in the US.

International  media recently wrote that the project of Visit Sweden, Curators of  Sweden, has gone out of hand after the blogger Sonja Abrahamsson used  the @sweden-account to publish controversial posts about jews.

Stephen  Colbert has been eager to join the discussion and has in more than one  week insistenly asked to borrow the @sweden-account so that he himself  can act as a Curator of Sweden.

The marketing director of Visit Sweden, Maria Ziv, is considering his suggestion for the time being:
–  He has already asked for this in three programs. We think that is fun  that he is doing this and we also see that it attracts a lot of  attention to the account. We get a lot of new followers each time he  mentions the project, says Maria Ziv.

She is on her way back from Cannes efter Visit Sweden has managed to win a Grand Prix-lion for the Curator of Sweden-project:
– I am still walking on clouds, says Maria Ziv.

As  late as one week ago Sergio Guimaraes from Swedish Institute said that  Stephen Colbert has to wait until they have made up their mind.

However,  Maria Ziv, says that Visit Sweden has discussed Stephen Colberts  possible participation in the project after he has shown interest for  it.

The decision will be taken during next week, but the big  question is whether Stephen Colbert can contribute to give a diversified  picture of Sweden or not – which is the main idea behind the project.

That  shouldn´t be so hard. Foreign media has spoken about the dark sweden  after the books from Stieg Larsson och and after that the jew-posts came  from Sonja Abrahamsson from the @sweden-account. Can´t he tell what  kind of picture he has of Sweden?

– Well, but he is a comedian so  you will never know what gonna happen if we let him use the  @sweden-account. So we haven´t decided yet upon the matter and at the  moment we are looking at advantages and disadvantages, says Maria Ziv.

She also inform that their decision will be made sometime during next week.

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