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Här är alla 49 talare på Nordic Media Insights

Publicerad: 7 juni 2017, 06:18

Joseph Kahn New York Times, Melissa Bell Vox, Samantha Barry CNN och Peter Wolodarski DN.

Om en knapp vecka öppnas portarna för Nordens nya mediekonferens. 49 talare, 8 moderatorer och över 300 deltagare är redo för två fullspäckade dagar.

Ämnen i artikeln:

Nordic Media InsightsResumé

Över 300 mediechefer, specialister och kommunikatörer från Sverige, Norge, Finland och Danmark kommer att samlas på Nordic Media Insights i Stockholm den 13-14 juni.
Samtliga större mediekoncerner i Norden finns representerade på gästlistan, däribland Egmont, Aller Media, Bonnier, Alma Media, Schibsted, Stampen, Amedia, MTG, Spotify, JP/Politikens Hus och SVT.
– Det är kul att så många verkar gilla programmet och möjligheterna att nätverka med den nordiska mediebranschen. Nu ska vi se till att leverera en riktigt bra konferens, säger Fredrik Svedjetun, redaktör för Nordic Media Insights.

Nedan föjler en lista över samtliga 49 talare, 8 moderatorer och 3 huvudpartners som ska jobba på Nordic Media Insights.


Joseph Kahn, Managing Editor, The New York Times
(Journalism that Stands Apart: Building a Sustainable Subscription-First Business for the Next Decade.)

Melissa Bell, publisher, Vox Media
(Storytelling, Tech, Data and Gut: Key Factors Behind Vox Media's Massive Growth.)

Fiona McKinnon, CEO, The Pangaea Alliance
(Strength in Numbers: Building a Publisher Alliance.)

Arnd Benninghoff, EVP & CEO, MTGx
(When consumers' eyeballs shift, so do entire industries.)

Samantha Barry, Head of Social Media & Emerging Media, CNN Worldwide
(From TV News Network to a 24-Hour Global Multiplatform Network.)

Marcus Rich, CEO, Time Inc UK
(Why environment and context are more important than ever for advertisers, and how magazine media is uniquely placed to take advantage of the changing requirement of clients and agencies.)

Peter Hutton, CEO, Eurosport
(The New Eurosport: Redefining the Sport Viewer experience.)

Eero Korhonen, Head of Strategic Relationships, News & Publishers, EMEA, Google
(Google's relationship with publishers.)



Klas Granström, Head of Digital, Expressen
(News TV of the future: How a newspaper is setting the standard for breaking news and video storytelling in the digital era.)

Marie Nilsson, CEO & Founder, Mediavision
(May you live in interesting times. A guide to the challenges facing the Nordic TV and digital video industry and how they can be adressed.)

Ola Klingenborg, CEO of Clear Channel
(The future of video in the public space.)

Nicole Haman, Global Sales Director, United Screens
(This is how we work: Three cases with big brands.)


Helena Holmström, Head of Native & Commercial Creative Director, Aller Media
(The success of blending influencers into nisched brands to create unique content and powerful marketing.)

Jonas Ibsen Brynildsrud, CEO, VG Partnerstudio
(How we do content marketing, and how we prove that it is the right way.)

Amalia Thoors, CMO & Partner and Simon Beyer, Chief Strategy Officer, Ingager.
(How to capitalize from new channels by using high-quality data that increases your insights on the customer journey and allows you to build a relevant attribution model.)

Carola Lundell, Head of Growth Business, TV4 Group
(How to create new adjacent business by staying relevant for advertisers and turning your assets into consumer revenues.)


Espen Sundve, VP Product Management in Publishing, Schibsted Media Group
(Schibsted. Next generation publishing products – and the rules we need to break to get there.)

Juho Salminen, Head of online features and data, News and current affairs, Yle
(Digital journalism and innovations during the municipal elections in the spring of 2017.)

Jakob Moll, CEO & co-founder, Zetland
(Journalism's unrealized potential in the relationship economy: Five ways to build loyalty among the faithless (while doing serious work).

Tuomas Peltomäki, Producer, Helsingin Sanomat
(New tools of the trade: Making multimedia and data an everyday part of journalism at Helsingin Sanomat.)


Peder Bonnier, CEO & co-founder, KIT
(KIT Story Engine: Creating content in an age of platforms.)

Daniel Weilar, CEO & co-owner, News24 Group

Terese Allert
, Editor-in-chief and Hanna Wikström, video producer, Frida/FAB Media
(How to reach young women, the future media consumers.)

Anna Holmquist, CEO of Strossle Sweden
(Publisher Collaboration)


Xavier Van Leeuwe, Director of Marketing & Data, NRC Media
(Grow subscriptions again – with moderate pricing.)

Jostein Larsen Østring, Head of content development, Amedia
(What content is attractive to digital subscribers? How Amedia strengthens journalism with analysis.)

Peter Wolodarski, Editor-in-chief, Dagens Nyheter
(The transformation of Sweden's largest morning newspaper: How Dagens Nyheter is attracting a record number of paying readers.)

Karin Almers, CRM & Campaign Manager, Aftonbladet
(What works and what doesn't: More than a decade of insights from having built Scandinavia's largest digital subscription service.)


Malin Brinktell, Product Manager, Schibsted Sales & Inventory
(In a world full of fraud and fake journalism, quality and transparency is more important than ever. How Schibsted is positioning itself in the market and the importance of viewability.)

Thomas Sundgren, Head of development data & content platform, Mittmedia
(From where and what to who. Discover the target driven environment within Sweden's biggest local media group.)

Anna Ireby, CEO, Mediekompaniet Adapt
(Local is Central – The future of digital advertising.)

Jason Warnes, Digital Marketing Partner, Deloitte


Which is the best way forward in the relationship with Facebook and Google?
Ehsan Fadakar, Head of social and third party, Schibsted,
Hanna Stjärne, CEO of SVT
Mathias Berg, COO at TV4 Group and Head of Advertising at Bonnier Broadcasting.
Moderated by: Frida Boisen, VP & Head of Digital, Bonnier Tidskrifter

What's broken with digital advertising and how can it be fixed?
Per Håkon Fasting, CEO Advertising, Schibsted
Jens Welin, EVPMD, Starcom USA
Townsend Feehan, CEO, IAB Europe
Derek Luddam, Area Media Manager Northern Europe, Mondelez International
Moderated by: Daniel Weilar, CEO, News24 Group, Chairman of the board, IAB Sweden

The big spenders perspective. How media groups need to evolve and innovate in order to remain important for influential brands.
Paal Fure, CEO, Dentsu Aegis Group Nordic
Peter Gottfredsen, CEO, Omnicom Media Group Nordic
Cecilia Kocken, Category Director, Arla Foods
Adam Springfeldt, ACNE
Moderated by: Fredrik Hallberg, consultant, Kapero.

The top executives perspective. Leadership and sustainable business strategies in an unpredictable world.
Tomas Franzén, CEO, Bonnier
Jenny Hermanson, Managing Director, Spotify Nordics
Kai Telanne, CEO, Alma Media
Stig Kirk Ørskov, CEO, JP/Politikens Hus
Moderated by: Simone Skoog, COO, GroupM


Christina Kennedy, chefredaktör Dagens Medicin, är konferencier för båda dagarna
Hanna Dunér, journalist, håller i ett av break out-rummen
Mikael Nestius, vd för Bonnier Business Media, håller i ett av break out-rummen
Frida Boisen, VP & Head of Digital på Bonnier Tidskrifter, modererar panel
Daniel Weilar, vd på Nyheter24-Gruppen och ordförande IAB Sverige, modererar panel
Simone Skoog, COO, GroupM, modererar panel
Fredrik Hallberg, konsult på Kapero, modererar panel
Erik Wisterberg, reporter på Breakit, intervjuar Vox Medias publisher Melissa Bell


Day 2, 15.00-16.00: Round Table Discussions


Akamai, Deloitte och Visual Art.

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